The History of the Modern-Day Mother’s Day

The History of the Modern-Day Mother’s Day

For centuries, people have celebrated the special bond between mothers and their children. But do you know how this treasured tradition of honoring mothers began? Let's explore the surprisingly rich history behind Mother's Day!

For thousands of years, people have celebrated motherhood. But the origin of modern-day Mother’s Day is a bit more recent.

The first known observance of Mother’s Day dates back to ancient Greece, which honored the goddess Rhea, mother of all gods. celebrations spread and it was soon adopted by other cultures too –

for example, by the Romans in honor of Cybele or by early Christians in honor of Mary.


The first ‘modern’ version of Mother’s Day was held in 1907 when Anna Jarvis organized a memorial service for her own late mother. She also campaigned for an official holiday to be declared and won support from presidents Woodrow Wilson and William Taft who both endorsed the idea.


By 1911, forty-six states had formally made Mother's Day a recognized holiday, and this tradition has been furthered in recent years with its recognition on an international level - United Nations even celebrated International Mother's Day in 2000!


Today, we recognize Mother’s Day as an important day to show appreciation to mothers everywhere and recognize their contributions to society. From cards to flowers, there are many ways to celebrate your mom - but whatever you do make sure that you thank her for everything she does!


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