How to Create A Lovely Room for Your Cat?

How to Create A Lovely Room for Your Cat?

In this era of indoor cat breeding, cats have also become human beings' best friends. But in fact, for cats, which are naturally territorial animals, living indoors has both advantages and disadvantages. After all, unlike dogs that have been tamed, keeping cats indoors deprives them of the ability to behave most naturally.

So without the need to hunt like outdoor cats, domestic cats fill in the gaps by sleeping, grooming, or eating. Therefore, for kittens who have been indoors almost all their lives, it is very necessary to make their home a place more suitable for them to live in.

1. The room does not need to be too neat and simple.

Kittens like to "roam" at home, but the open environment will affect their "roaming" experience to a certain extent. A slightly messy house can better allow kittens to explore as they like, and it is also convenient for kittens to come out from time to time to surprise you (or frighten you).

2. Give your cat a private space.

In addition to being in close contact with people, cats are small animals that need a private place. Therefore, in the arrangement of the home, it is necessary to prepare a private place for kittens that belongs only to them, where they can hide when they are afraid, and also allow them to stay quietly.

This place can be under the bed, in the cabinet, or behind the sofa, provided that the kitten will never be disturbed in this private space. Organize a small space well, so that kittens can experience five-star accommodation at home.

3. Let your cat sleep comfortably.

In addition to having their own space, what kittens like best are resting and relaxing in a warm place full of their smell, which makes them feel more secure.

Therefore, it is better to place the bed in a sunny and quiet place and add more bedding with soft fabrics. At the same time, it would be better if the public areas (such as sofas) are softer.

4. Keep your cats from wrecking your furniture.

Kittens need to keep their claws sharp at all times, and they also need a place to stretch their muscles and mark their territory. At this time, the furniture in your home often suffers from the kitten's claws.

So we need to prepare a strong and large enough claw grinding board at home. You can fix the panel to a wall or cabinet at the right height, so the kittens can scratch it as they please. In this way, the kittens will no longer have the energy to covet your sofa.

5. Hide the litter box.

One of the most indispensable things when raising a cat is the litter box. But no matter how beautiful the cat litter box is, it always feels out of place with the house.

Cats like to go to the toilet in a place that is hidden, quiet, and away from food, so you can properly hide the litter box, such as hiding it in a cabinet that is easy to open and close, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the beauty of your home.

In the end, keeping cats is indeed a very troublesome thing. Like people, we are constantly running in and out in getting along to find a comfortable balance for both parties. Make some changes to the house, not just for the kittens, but for your own life as well.


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